Friday, May 22, 2009

We will be receiving our runabout, Saturday.

Deal has been accepted and the boat will be delivered to home base, tomorrow. The new moniker for said vessel shall be; "Petite Bateau". Not sure if a "La" or "Le" should precede the name, I will trust one of my readers who speaks Frainglish to clue me in on proper naming of small boats.

Got that out of the way, so now it will be to make that boat proper and right. I will be getting a new windshield to replace the plexiglas monstrosity that obscures forward vision. A new paint job will be ordered when the timing is correct. I will use Holland Marine for hull painting, the Tommy is an artist with Awlgrip! (Plus; He is a customer of mine...) Before any of this happens, there will have to be the addition of a hitch and wire harness to keep me legal on the roads.

I hope I am making a good decision on this purchase, but it won't be the dumbest thing I have ever purchased. Not by a long shot.

Dumbest acquisitions by Yours Truly;
Year Dumb Move
1981 1969 Rambler Wagon; I got this for my Mom. Junk. It was gone in a couple of weeks. Mom didn't get a car to drive for almost a year. My bad. It looked just like the picture!

1985 1979 MGB; Had I just told my Father what I was up to, I wouldn't have been overcharged for a piece of junk. This car took three years to work right. Never buy English again. Mine looked almost this nice

1990 My First Home in Jacksonville FL; I assumed another fellow's mortgage, he said it was a good deal. Not.

2004 1988 Marine Trader Sun Deck 40; My broker said it was a good deal. Go ahead and buy now, we can get your sail boat sold in no time! Truth; We had to pay dockage and insurance for two boats for about six months. And we paid about 40K too much. Worst thing I have ever gotten tangled up in! But it was fun. Was being the operative term.

2007 1978 San Juan 28 Sailboat; The broker said it was a 1981. I wound up over paying and not really liking this boat. Not as tragic as the previous dumb move.

So as anyone can see, I screw up on a regular basis. It is so nice that the Spousal Unit doesn't hold grudges!

I feel better...

Have a great weekend!


Buck said...

That would be "Le Petit Bateau"... no "e" on Petit, coz it's male. It is to wonder about people who assign gender to inanimate objects in their languages. Weird custom, that.

Ah... Dumb Moves. I have a full catalog of similar, but none lately... Thank God. And The First and Second Mrs. Penningtons weren't nearly as forgiving as your Spousal Unit, it appears. Those women NEVER let me live my Dumb Moves down. Ever. To this very day. :D

suezoos1 said...

I see boats spoken of as "she" so wouldn't La Petite Bateau be correct? Petite with the "e" indicates feminine as does "la"..of course, I'm imbibing early to get ready for the "Canes game so maybe my remembered French is off kilter.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Sue; Thanks for coming by!

My loving Spouse feels the same way you do, and there shall be an "e" involved in the name.

Buck; I'm very fortunate that things don't get brought up again and again. Very lucky for me.