Saturday, May 2, 2009

Underway; Shift Colors!

I cannot believe how busy May Day was. I was supposed to be gone at 1600 from the J OH B, but it was not to be, so there was much running around with nothing really being accomplished.

We grabbed clothing and Hyacinth, ran down to the Barco and loaded them on. Had to go to Publix for food and snacks, and went home to relax.

Hyacinth will be happier on the boat.

We celebrated reveille at 0500, the Spousal Unit is in the rain locker and I will replace her in said space in moments. We hope to get underway no later than 0700. Winds and seas are supposed to be 10 to 15 from the South with 2 to 4 foot seas.

Not looking too good for a offshore fishing jaunt. Comfort is the name of the game around these parts!

There will be a review of weather conditions when we reach the Mayport area, otherwise it is the obvious choice to take the ICW.

I can hear the 1MC in my head;

<Bosun's whistle attention sound> "Underway, Shift Colors!" "Now set the normal underway watch".


LL said...

There's nothing wrong with comfort.

When I was young, I pushed the envelope, thinking comfort was for old guys.

Older guys are smarter than younger guys. That's why comfort has a high priority.

Alison said...

Ha ha... "rain locker" your teminology is very funny! Have a safe and "comfortable" trip!

Buck said...

I agree with LL... to a point. I haven't devolved to "comfort" yet where my mo'sickles are concerned, what with staying with sport bikes rather than two-wheeled Barcaloungers...

Have a good, comfortable and safe trip!