Thursday, May 28, 2009


Wednesday evening was a time of R&R. Went over new camera possibilities, had dinner and set the underwater watch in the Spa Device. We returned to the living room because the champagne was gone and the water was cool. After all, the Red Wings were playing the Blackhawks for the Western Division finals.

That was an interesting game. The Boss is a happy one, Her Red Wings prevailed on an over time goal. So we turned the tivo to the George Strait concert and stayed up until 2330.

I can't be staying up on school nights!

We found the wayward camera hiding behind two jackets that were carelessly hung over the back of a chair. Totally my bad. I need to keep better track of my gear! I am so relieved to have not lost the camera permanently. Plus, I saved over 700 bucks that I was going to spend on the replacement!

Today, Roger and Janice of "Beaujolais" will be arriving by air from Panama, spend a weekend with us and continue on to the UK. From the UK they will go to Australia.

I have a keg of Sierra Nevada standing by for action. no doubt, there will be tasty Thai food and great libations to keep our weekend hoppin'!


USA_Admiral said...

Get all the R&R you can, Cane season is on the way.

Ugh, I could never follow the Redwings. The team you love or hate. We are all Black and Gold here.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Buck said...

As mentioned elsewhere, we're happy about the Wings advancing as well. But... we've seen this movie before, haven't we? I'm sure the sequel will turn out the same as the original... even given the Wings' injury status and the compressed schedule.

Have fun tonight!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, USA!

Buck, Too late. We were up til 2330, again!

Way too much fun.