Monday, May 25, 2009

A fine Memorial Day to all

The rain has let up, and despite it being a little cloudy, it is turning out to be a nice Memorial Day.

I'm not going to get mushy/phony and misty. I am very proud to be an American, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to serve my 20 years and 10 months. There are a few that I knew who didn't get to enjoy the retirement or even get to be around their loved ones on a fine day like this.

We can all just reflect for a moment before digging in to the family barbecue. Just a moment, because those who aren't here anymore will want you to go right ahead and enjoy all the fruits and benefits of being an American. After all, they paid for it.

We took "Le Petite Bateau" for a spin, yesterday.

What a goat rope! We got the boat to the ramp at the Yacht Club, and the motor would not start, while six other members were waiting for me to get out of the way so they could get their boats in the water!


Another feller came over and started the motor, while I was parking the truck. Then I learn that reverse is inop. So I have to get help turning the boat around so we could clear the dock.

Naturally, my ears are turning red as I slowly motor to our dock. I looked like a complete moron who had never operated a boat before. This is happening more and more.

We grabbed a cooler with ice and cokes and (yes, Cokes!) and got underway for the Naval Air Station. I figured that we might need fuel and they have a nice fueling dock there.

The 65 hp Mercury was purring, and we were scooting along nicely. I was waiting for something to go wrong, every minute along the way. The Bateau was bumping along and the motor was going at 3500 RPM.

We had never gone this fast on a boat that we owned!

We arrived at the "F" dock at NAS when we ran out of gas. Yes, we ran out of fracking fuel! Somehow, I managed to get over to the dock where we tied up.

I transferred the fuel line to the ready spare and got the motor running again. We tried to go to the fuel pier, but there were two other boats already there, taking their sweet time of it.

I forgot to mention, a huge thunder cell was rapidly approaching from the east, and you could not see through the rain squall. Time to buster back to home plate.

We actually outran the storm, with nary a burp from the Mercury. We got back to the yacht club in time to enjoy the storm assisted swells. The boat was banging up against the dock, so I decided to get the trailer and stow the bateau.

Not so fast...

It took us about twenty minutes to get the boat on the trailer, we could barely keep control as the waves pushed the little boat to and fro while we vainly tried to get her on the trailer rollers and secure the boat! A kid asked if we needed help... No, thanks.

Finally, I got the boat pulled up to the stops and I got her home. I replaced the cover and rinsed out the motor with fresh water and pushed her into the back yard.

Then the sun comes out.

I took a long cooling shower and picked up Mom for a dinner out at the Yacht Club. We arrive at the club at six pm, thinking it will be a nice little dinner and some drinks... Only the Dining Room was closed.

Just not my day.

So we quickly devised plan "B", which consisted of the "Okinawa" restaurant over by Publix.. They were indeed, open. We dined on filet mignon served up by one of those performance artist fry cooks.

So endeth our Sunday.

We returned to the Barco for a nightcap and an early taps.

Have a great Memorial Day!

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USA_Admiral said...

Thank you and I hope yours was too.