Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Maintenance Reports

Received a maintenance update from our clever mechanic, Nick. He said that it was not a filter issue, but a "Impeller Issue".

Nick said that no water was making into the generator for cooling. My reply was that I checked for water flow (I did...) and saw water coming out of the exhaust.

This is why I am in insurance, and not a mechanic! The Nickster is running probes around the innards of the cooling system, looking for rubber impeller blades. The other issue with the sanitation system has been isolated and a pump replacement is in progress.

We pay for professional maintenance so that things work. Whenever I do these small repairs, it means taking three trips to various parts places untill all gaskets, fasteners and special tools are acquired, usually with the job hanging there half completed.

Really fun when the parts store clerk speaks only French or Spanish. I have had these problems before, in far away places, where I didn't have a car to get around.

Thanks, Nick!


LL said...

Finding a competent marine mechanic who is not a:
(1) Vagabond
(2) Hard core alcoholic
(3) Complete flake

Is difficult.

Cherish Nick!

Buck said...

"...and special tools are acquired..."

THAT'S the bit that frosts me about any sort of mechanical job beyond the truly mundane. It seems like there's always some sort of required tool that costs something approaching a banana republic's GNP. I think it's some sort of conspiracy, meself.

But... good to hear things are progressing!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; You are correct, Suh. Nick drinks, but not too much more than myself. And he is not a flake.

Buck; Even worse than that tool and its expense, is not knowing the fargin' nomenclature of the tool, or even the gozinta it adjusts!

Example: The little spring washer device that keeps the car window in place and the plier like tool that opens/closes it.

LL said...

A good chandelry store is just as hard to find as a good marine mechanic. The chain stores are nearly worthless. I like the stores that have EVERYTHING in them and a guy there who is at least 80 years old and pissed more salt water than I've sailed over who can provide advice on tools, methods and know-how.

You know the kind of place I mean where the coffee is strong, brewing on a silex in the corner with stained china mugs, there's always some sort of pogey bait there and chairs where wisdom is imparted patiently. You can spend the day learning and listening to sea stories and when you leave, you are wiser.

The high school kids who work in the chain stores simply annoy me.

We had a place like that in Newport Beach, CA until the high rent drove them out of business. Then I was screwed.