Thursday, May 21, 2009

This weather is double plus crazy

Finally stopped raining at 1000, the clouds seem to be brightening and letting more sun light through. But I know it's a trick that the weather is playing on us, after 20 inches has fallen in the last three days.

I went over to KGB FM in San Diego and went to their photo galleries and selected "WTF" Photo's.

Photo stolen from KGB FM, San Diego.

I would call the previous; "Focused" Because that person is totally focused on the job at hand.

Gotta be photoshopped.


Buck said...

I agree: that pic HAS to be a p-shop. But a good one!

Alison said...

I saw the same tornado w/lightning bolt on a pic of an oil rig on fire... the caption said something about the photographer not seeing the tornado until the lightning lit it up.
Kinda glad it is fake.... would have been a real nightmare!

LL said...

20 inches of rain in 3 days is bad in and of itself. Make sure shore power stays connected.

I had that problem about five years ago. 30+ inches of rain in SoCal in 5 days or so. Shore power became disconnected during the storm. The bilge pumps went as long as they went on battery power.

The next time I saw the boat (32' SeaRay) it was listing and had about 18" of water in the bilge.

Now when people say, "XX inches of rain" - I think SHORE POWER.