Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go visit Beaujolais

Beaujolais, Is a CSY44 that used to be based in Jacksonville.

Our friends, Roger and Janice, are taking the long route to their new home in Australia. We met Roger in Calais France, back in 1996, while we were on a Little Ship Club Rally.

I stole this picture from the Beaujolais site.

Roger stopped by to visit in January, I gave him a t-shirt from my private collection, since he had no t-shirt for relaxing in the Florida sun. Great to see the Pabst colors in Panama!

Everybody gets to have fun but me...

Got a long phone call from Nick, last night. Seems that the water pump on the generator is not happy and it needs replacing.

"You really f*&^d that generator up, Boss".

"I checked for water flow, every time I ran it." I lamely replied.

"That f*^&ing thing grenaded, and all the water is spraying around."

"Well, get another part and make it better." I said.

You get the picture. These boats get awfully frustrating to those of us who write the checks and those who are fixing, especially when those who fix are trying to do a good job of keeping costs down.

I asked Nick to add in gauges so that I can really monitor temps and oil pressures, this way we don't replicate the situation.

Nick assured me we will still make our trip.

At least we are not in Panama!


Buck said...

I read through two posts at Beaujolais and I will go back. Thanks for that!

So... is it "just" a water pump, or a whole new genset? Or still unknown?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; Using my own experience with impellers and water pumps I can speak on this sorta smartly: The Pump assembly is driven by a pulley, and the actual spinning part inside made of rubber with splines is the impeller which is the actual water mover. Apparently the whole assembly went to hell and because of heat was knocked out of "true" and began to leak after the rubber part was replaced.


This happened to us in Brest France, traveling on Wildebeest III, on a Perkins 4-108 diesel. I made the repairs and had to ask for "Le Pompe D'Eau". I wrote this out in order for the clerk to get me the part.

Lets hope that this part will only cost a couple of hundred bucks. The genny only has 443 hours on it and I am not going to give up on it, yet.

Buck said...

Ah... thanks for the clarification, and good luck!