Monday, February 9, 2009

A glorious weekend!

'White Lightnin' is gone.

Well, not gone as in really gone. I know exactly where she is and who is driving. Oh, and she has a new name; 'Breezin' Through'.

That's the proud new owner, Denise. We have known Denise over the past eight years as an active sailor/racer in North Florida who is very active with Women's sailing and will campaign this boat over the five race Women's series. She has an exciting personality and she is very jazzed about her new boat. We had a great motor over to the Epping Forest marina from NAS Jax, I gave her the obligatory bottle of celebratory champagne and left her puttering about her boat.

I don't know what to do! I only have the Barco and a Hobie 18. My fleet is shrinking...

SOooo, we went out on Barco Sin Vela and had some quiet time.

Look at the empty river towards downtown. Feller could feel down right lonesome:

And another:

The temperature was a balmy 75 F, not a breath of breeze and nary a wave on the river.

Hyacinth kitteh does not like being underway, but she will sit near her staff on the flybridge. Not so loud or shaky, upstairs.

The sun was beginning its descent, and I took another shot towards the base as we headed back to the barn.


Buck said...

Blogger ate my comment! Just "poof!" and it was gone...

Anyhoo. Great pics and it looks like the perfect weekend. About your shrinking fleet... I've heard it's that way for a LOT of fleets these days, even the one run by Our Favorite Uncle.

Liz said...

LOVE the Hobie! I am a small boat sailor, although grew up sailing both (Lake Erie, inland lakes) and in Los Angeles joined a sailing club and had my first ocean sailing experiences...prefer lakes! We rented Hobies and Sunfish on summer vacations on Michigan lakes. I had my best ride ever, though, in Key West. On a day too windy and too much wave to allow a rental, the shop sent me out with an instructor. The "kid" grew up sailing in Hawaii. After he determined that I could handle the jib he looked at me and said "Wanna go for a ride?" (this was before the movie...) - It was a ride and we came back with our hair stiff and spiked straight up from the salt spray. Thanks for the memory!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

If you can see anything past the Hobie pics, you might see part of Garrison Bight, we had brought the Hobie to Trumbo Point KW. I wish we had sailed, though. I left the key to the Cat Trax at home so we wasted the trip. Did the set up and couldn't sail. What a buffoon.

Next time, we rent.

Liz said...

Oh, boy...

Am in no position to comment, though...I have an rv and a pretty good list of unsmart moves.