Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hope I spelled that correctly.

Sorry about skipping Tuesday. Had to be in class all morning, then busy all afternoon trying to help folks on the phone. Insurance is a business which we all need, and when your company says it is leaving, people tend to take it very personally. Especially when people believe what ever the government is saying about insurance rates, and that a company is evil for trying to not lose money.

Speaking of the word "lose". Does it annoy anyone else when someone substitutes the word "loose" for "lose"? I see professional writers do this often. Wood ewe be less the ware for all to reed first what we right?

Did the pizza and beer thing last night. Again, "Rye Pale Ale" performed above expectations. Even the Moon River Staff concurred with my pronouncement that Rye Pale Ale was fit to drink. I think a keg worth is in the future, at the Veldt Lounge.

Spousal Unit had a hard day, so she required myself to engage the bubble maker and heating unit in the back yard. We had some bubbly and let the jacuzzi jets relax and massage tense muscles. Beautiful evening, we had a full moon for illumination and Orion the Hunter standing guard almost directly above. Really nice that Florida has returned to more normal temperatures, sending the Baltic weather back where it belongs; Washington, D.C.

Imagine this in a night image:

But I have been given Liberty, for Wednesday evening. She who will be obeyed is on travel for the next couple days.

This means beer for dinner!

And beer for ....dessert!

Only hassle is that the Cats will want to occupy my sleeping spot for warmth. They have claws, you know. They get the message when I roll over and give them no warning about the impending crushing.

Last time the Spousal Unit left me alone for a few days, me and my sailing buddies went night sailing. On a Wednesday night. Gives me ideas.

Heinhold's First and Last Chance, Oakland


Black Cat said...

Hello, I met you over at Skeezix's Valentine's card blog and was expecting to find blogging cats! I think you should know that at least one of them is looking for love, possibly without your knowledge, haha!

However, I'm not disappointed. Your blog is very entertaining and interesting and I read back quite a way. Who could not like a man who cooks fillet mignon for his Spousal Unit (love that title!)?

I, too, am irritated by "loose" instead of "lose". I think with most people it's a spelling problem but in professional correspondence it's just plain wrong. People who can't spell shouldn't be allowed to write professional letters unless they are cats called Skeezix or Jeter Harris, to name but two, heh heh! I don't think they're in business though...

Oh gosh, this is as long as a blog post. Sorry!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hey Black Cat!

Thanks for coming by. I am an avid reader of the Skeezix blog, since I love cats very, very much, but I'm not the right guy to use the baby talk, though I enjoy it elsewhere.
I have three Siamese Cats, Maogwai (him is the one listed on the left side), Mali-Wan and Saffy. We also have a a grey kitty who adopted us, against our will. (Note; I grew up about eight miles from where Skeezy and Mao live)

The Wife and I will celebrate 18 years on Friday, and they have been years filled with cats and boats. We lived on a sailboat in London for four years with our two original Meezers, Jellicle and Mogwai. Come back and visit time to time, there will be much more on boat life with cats.

Thanks again, for the kind words!

Buck said...

...sending the Baltic weather back where it belongs; Washington, D.C.

That (among other things) made me laugh.

"Loose" is a peeve of mine, too... especially when some retard writes "looser" when they DON'T mean "slack."

And I've done the "beer for dinner" thing (otherwise known as Stage Five) more times than I'll ever own up to... in public. Sometimes it just bees that way!