Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday after Friday


That was a fine celebration.

I wore a jacket and tie, Spousal Unit had a new floral dress and we glided into the Pirate's Den bar, on the shore of the St John's River. After a couple beers, we went to the Formal dining room for chow.

First, I had to decant the Port into the crystal decanter, and let it rest. I came into the dining room with expectations of a wonderful dining experience.


I asked "Bernard", our server, if we could possibly get another table?

"Nosir. "All tables are reserved, we cannot move you."


There was sitting next to us, twelve 11 year old girls and boys, doing a "cupids party". All giggly and so forth.

Then an elderly couple sat behind us with two 5 year old, spoiled and loud girls.

This was turning ugly, most ricky-tick.

Our salads were brought out, a Sommelier brought out our Top Shelf wine, and complimented us on our 32 year old port.

I whined to Spousal Unit about the unfairness of sitting next to unsupervised children, while their parents were in the fargin' Pirate's Den, partying!

Really, I felt exactly like I did when I was eleven, having to sit in the kitchen with the other kids. In 1975.

Same as it ever was...

We definitely don't feel as old as we are becoming, but this was too far. I was mentally writing the nasty-gram that was going to be written Saturday....

Bernard came up to the table, and I was about to ask for our dinner to go when he says, "Come with me, please. "We have another table for you..."

Land of Goshen!

To disapproving eyes, we passed six other equally surly customers and were led to a back room. There, a beautiful table was set in front of a working fireplace.


Our celebration suddenly became a genuine dining event. Stunned people, wondering "Who the heck are they???" As they passed by in amazement/jealousy.

Our filet's were brought out, then a wonderful cheese platter to go with our Port.

Dinner ended, about two hours later. We were greeted and congratulated by the Sommelier, The Manager and other servers. Of course, we shared our Port with them all. We repaired back to Barco after the best dinner we have had, in years.

Our dinner had literally been resurrected phoenix like, from the ashes of despair to the heights of joy.

Best part, you might ask?

We didn't drink the champagne, waiting on the boat. So no hangover, today!


We will be returning to Barco in the next couple hours. Gray and rainy day, but there is still celebrating to be done.

We hope that everyone has a great Valentine's day!

Barco Sin Vela Crew


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Buck said...

Our dinner had literally been resurrected phoenix like, from the ashes of despair to the heights of joy.

WAY-cool! There IS justice in the world... sometimes. Congrats yet again, DC!