Saturday, February 7, 2009

We need some positive music, again!

After reading Buck's site, talkin' about the Beyonce/Etta James conflict, I felt I had to listen to the tune, done back in the forties.

I re-found this:

We need this kind of national renewal and quit the self loathing of our country that has become prevalent.

I won't bad mouth anyone who has talent. It's tough enough to get a singing gig, much less get national attention. But tell me that the Ray Eberle/Lynne Bari (who lip synched Pat Friday) version of that song does not ABSOLUTELY ROCK! Watch for the brief glimpse of Harry Morgan.

Is it funny if I admit that I have a crush on Marion Hutton and Lynne Bari??? People dressed and acted much better and were more sophisticated.

There will be a suit and tie worn by moi, this Friday for dinner at the "Club".

Rock on!

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Buck said...

Wow! What a co-inky-dink! I went googling for the Modernaires (based on your comment at my place) and cam up with almost EXACTLY the same stuff... which I spent the next two hours listening to... most enjoyable, indeed.

Agree whole-heartedly with your comment on "times past" and the sensibilities of the age. My mom was big on all that, and it sticks with me, to this day.